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Preparation for Concrete Laying

Phone Colin on 021 666 272 for a free quotation


Where access permits excavation of existing materials will be carried out using either an excavator or a bobcat skid steer loader. Material taken out will be taken to the appropriate tipping sites. Old concrete can be recycled to form crushed concrete in differing grades, GAP 65 and GAP 20 are the two most popular for backfilling as a hard core base for driveways. The materials are thoroughly compacted with several passes of a 80 KG vibrating compactor.

All drainage requirements are carefully assessed on each project to make sure that water run-off will not cause problems to neighbouring sites, and we create the best solution for stormwater run-off. Strip drains are excellent measures to stop water entering garage doorways were downhill gradient is unavoidable. Where large areas of concrete are laid it is advisable to leave as many areas for natural soakage as possible. Decorative stone laid loosely alongside a concrete path can look fantastic as well as creating a perfect drainage area for excess water. Weeds can be controlled with weed mat and a yearly spray of weedkiller.

At any stage of the preparation you feel the need to change the shape or add a new dimension we are always happy to work to achieve the desired effect.

concrete preparation