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Exposed Aggregate

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Exposed Aggregate and Pebbles

This popular look has many variations from the least expensive, in which plain concrete either 10 mm or 20 mm standard concrete is washed off the same day to expose the dark aggregate look. In certain cases the wash off will take place after having a surface retard sprayed uniformly over the surface and left overnight to be washed off the next morning. Sometimes this is carried out with a powerful water blaster to reveal the surface stone.

Oxide colouring can be used to enhance the visual appearance. These finishes can also be further enhanced by giving the surface a two coat application of concrete sealer, either tinted or clear, this will give the appearance of a wet look and will last around 5 years before needing another application.

Exposed Pebble

Many different blends of pebbles are used for this finish. Most pebble finishes aim for the medium to large pebble as these have less tendency to become dislodged over time. They also look less busy and look superb with a clear sealer coating system to give the week look. Cutting can sometimes be delayed to stop the occurrence of stones dislodging by the action of a concrete saw blades. Adding oxide will improve the appearance of the finished work. Timeless beauty from a well laid exposed pebble will add thousands of dollars to your property.

exposed aggregate